We are reliable professionals with decades of experience. We bring great insight into a broad spectrum of Computer Technology. We are developing the Next Frontier of Computing -- "The Quantum Photonics Domain"

Mission Statement – To Develop the Next Frontier of Computing Solutions in a Silicon Photonics Technology that address the limitations of semiconductors.

The Next frontier of computing

We are embarking on a bold new venture to develop the next line of systems based fully on Quantum Optical Computing, along with the complete supporting Eco-System


Brian A.A. Antao Ph.D.

(Vanderbilt University, 1993) – CEO & CTO – The New Venture Company -- TundraSystems Global Ltd.

Professor Diana Huffaker

currently holds the Welsh Government Ser Cymru Chair in Advanced Materials and Engineering.

Prof. Xinliang Zhang

received the B.S. degree and the Ph.D. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)

The New Frontier - Quantum Optical Computing

We will initially focus our efforts to apply the latest trends in Optical Computing to develop a complete Optical Processor. We Cant immediately project a speed for the processor but Exascale in NOT ruled out.

Recent Posts

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A major unresolved pain point in second generation and post NISQ era Quantum Computing (QC) is Quantum Error Correction, and for some types of error,

TundraSystems Quantum Photonics

The full theory of quantum mechanics emerged as a completely unexpected description of nature at a fundamental level. It portrays a world that is fundamentally


Positions Open to work in the Exciting Field of Quantum Optical Computing
We are a new startup based in the lovely city of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom and will be situated
in the Cardiff City Center area

Our Initial Focus is to develop a Quantum Photonics Processor.

We are looking to build TWO Streams of Design Teams in a Hardware-Software Co-Design Methodology and expect a staff size of 25 in the first year.


FRJC+J9 Cardiff, United Kingdom