TundraSystems Quantum Software

Near term, the next generation of quantum technologies will be Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) i.e. quantum computers with a number of qubits ranging from 50 to several hundred. Fifty qubits are a significant milestone as it’s beyond what can be simulated using the most powerful existing digital supercomputers. However, the potential of the few specialist […]

TundraSystems Quantum Photonics

The full theory of quantum mechanics emerged as a completely unexpected description of nature at a fundamental level. It portrays a world that is fundamentally probabilistic, where a single object can be in two places at once — superposition — and where two objects in remote locations can be instantaneously connected — entanglement. These unusual […]

Quantum Error Correction

A major unresolved pain point in second generation and post NISQ era Quantum Computing (QC) is Quantum Error Correction, and for some types of error, there are no practical solutions currently. Commonly manifested errors in QC are due to noise in the physical qubits that result in logical bit flip or logical phase flip errors. […]