About us

Mission Statement – To Develop the Next Frontier of Computing Solutions in a Silicon Photonics Technology that address the limitations of semiconductors.

The Next frontier of computing

We are embarking on a bold new venture to develop the next line of systems based fully on Quantum Optical Computing, along with the complete supporting Eco-System.
Classical Semiconductors technology has really blossomed since the early days of the invention of the Integrated Circuits by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments.

 We are now at a stage where we are fast approaching the saturation of Classical Semiconductors, hit by the inherent limitations of Electronics. Though Classical semiconductors will not die out or get phased out so soon, the need for higher scales such as Exascale Computing and beyond requires us to evolve into the Photonics realm of implementing Computational Systems. New developments have targeted the hybrid approach of electrical/optical systems but we foresee the immediate limitations of this approach too in saturation as hybrid systems while providing a higher level of performance are hit with the need to convert from photons to electrons and back. “Optical computing, while entrenched in our daily computing and communication infrastructures, must create all-optical computing solutions to truly capture the opportunity of optical – speed of transmission. Hybrid electric/optical systems will always be limited by the conversion of photons to electronics, and back. Like a bullet hitting a lead wall, then being converted to a bullet again, in order for a computing operation to be completed.”. Thus, the Next Frontier of Computing has to be advanced to an all optical technology with many more years ahead in the room for developments.

Our startup TundraSystems Global LTD was founded in October 2014 to develop from ground up amalgamating the many developments from different academic sources such as University of Bristol, MIT, the UK Quantum Technology Hubs etc. to develop computational solutions in an all optical regime using Quantum Mechanics fundamental base or the Quantum Computational Paradigm. Since our founding, we have been employing a novel Volunteer model of remote distributed team working to arrive at where we are today whilst utilizing the personal financial resources of the principal founders.


FRJC+J9 Cardiff, United Kingdom